Shop Wish List

For most people, when you mention a wish list, it refers to goods that can be purchased with money to make you or someone else happy. I would agree, for the most part. This is a bit different, as I’m going to list out also what I’d like to do as well.

Right off the top is that I’d like to have a bigger shop. A wish, to be sure. I still need to investigate the proper setback from the property line and see just what size shop I could fit. That might be part of my research when I’m bored, I just need to go back and see what my email says. While I’m at it, power. A guy can dream, right?

I’d like to have a spot for my Festool clamps – I saw a great idea for a drawer of them, but I’m not sure I can pull it off. I will try something.  I’d like to transfer my hardware to a drawer, it might take up less space. Also, of course I need to make sysports for the systainers. I’d like to move the socket container down (or perhaps elsewhere) so I can open it without hitting the miter saw handle.

Speaking of saws, a till is on the priority list. However, I am concerned it will take up more space than my current solution. Addition of more saws will be needed, though, eventually. I wish I had a dumpster so I could finish up the interior remodel and rid myself of some scrap. I wish they made a male outlet so I could plug the extension cords into the exterior wall.

As far as material wishes go, even though the shop is pretty well full and outfitted, I have a few. I’d love a few more Veritas hand saws. I have a 14-tpi crosscut saw, I’d love a rip saw and a dovetail saw at the minimum. Those could go in the new saw till. I’d love a really good square, like the Woodpeckers 1281.

Long term, I’d like to pick up a few more Festools: the ETS150/3, the RO150, the RO90 (perhaps this instead of the 150) and the LR32 system (with the 1010 router). There’s quite a few I really don’t have a use for, that’s probably the limit of my Fezzie obsession. I’d like to get a resaw blade for my bandsaw as well. Some straightedges would be great.

That’s about it. The Festools are quite expensive, however the rest of the list is pretty short. Most of my real needs are things to help me be a bit more accurate, and the new sanders would go a long way in keeping dust down and my health up. My shop is pretty well supplied. Oh yeah, about three more lights for the ceiling would be ideal. Now I’m done.

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