Short hiatus

This past weekend, and now into the early part of this week, I have focused on getting our house interior in order. I have revamped all of our bedrooms, mainly on different layouts. The child bedrooms are pretty much done except for cleaning up little stuff, the master bedroom is being worked on right now. At the same time, my wife is doing some painting.

I had thought I would be making a bookcase for our games this week and this weekend, however it may be put on a short hold while we get our bearings with the new layouts. I may have earned myself a second bookcase to build by changing the bedroom layout, but so it goes. I may post more about the new bedroom/office layout on this side of the site, but the main page is almost always about the woodworking.

My office area is entirely Ikea. This does not shame me, as I was able to get most of what I wanted for a lot cheaper than it would have been by doing it myself. I will, later this year, be buying their sit/stand desk mechanism and be putting it under my current desk surface. I will see how amenable it is to being installed with a custom surface or full desk. It’s pretty cheap for what you get.

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