Signal loss

I was very fortunate to receive a free Chrome OS desktop from Acer. I ordered it, it was canceled, then sent to me anyway. I appreciate good customer service like that. The intent was to use it in the shop, so I can have something current to post updates on, stuff like that. The old tablet wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Unfortunately, I do suffer a bit from poor, unreliable internet. Using the Fire TV Stick on the TV, occasionally I get stutters and slowdowns. This is imporant to note that because of this, I have to keep the TV right at the window – it’s the best way for WiFi to enter the shop. Problem is, I’d rather have the TV and PC over on the other side. It’s not an absolute reuirement, but it would be nice.

I purchased an extender to try and combat this problem, and it works well in the sterile environment of my house, but for some reason I get poor reception in the shop. It’s puzzling, because it’s right about the same distance. Have to wonder if there is something in the shop causing interference. It could be the iron, but I’m thinking more of an electrical source is.

I know there are some who don’t believe in having so many distractions in the shop, and I do admit they do distract me plenty. But I also enjoy them. I would have enjoyed using Sketchup, however it is not compatible with Chrome OS. I will have to look for some sort of alternative to at least view projects. I could do something perhaps with the Windows tablet I have lying around.

No matter what happens the TV will need an adjustment, because there’s too much glare from the lights. Need to modify the angle to reduce glare. I also have to figure out just how the computer will connect and be displayed. It could hook up to the TV via HDMI, but there’s only one port and the Fire TV Stick does as well. The TV has a VGA port, but the desktop doesn’t. I have an old 19″ VGA monitor that I could put up as well, same issue. At minimum I need to source a HDMI-VGA adapter. I have one for DVI, but not VGA. I could use my old 20″ monitor, but it does not have a VESA mount. Always an issue, it seems. First thing I need to figure out is the wifi connectivity, then everything else will fall in place. Just the one TV in the shop is ideal.

I’ll keep working on it, but I can’t allow it to waste entire days like it did today. Tomorrow, I make some major progress on the LEGOrganization – unless something else comes up.

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