Slightly Sunday

My work out in the shop today was a bit curtailed by other activities. I put up Christmas lights, did a couple things with my family. The light amount of time didn’t deter a couple more developments from yesterday, though.

I had a thought after I retired for the evening Saturday that perhaps with moving the jointer over next to the miter saw, perhaps there might be room to move the planer over temporarily or otherwise. Indeed, after I made it out to the shop this afternoon it was the first thing I attempted. I had to move all of the plywood scrap that was formerly behind the drill press. I then turned the mobile base on the jointer like I said I would, and the planer had enough room to slide in between the jointer and miter saw.

Now, this arrangement won’t work without some modification, and they are modifications that I had already planned for. The miter saw really can’t be used because the planer is in the way of the infeed (left) side of the saw. The planer can’t be used because the miter saw is in the way and it is turned toward the wall anyway. The plan would be to mount the miter saw higher on the wall and the planer lower on a cart. Now, with room for the planer next to the miter saw, I just have to decide how low I want the planer to be – just a little bit lower and next to the miter saw, or a lot lower and underneath it. Decisions to be made a little down the line.

With the planer over there, the space between the workbench and MFT was opened back up again. I was able to move the MFT closer to the bench, and that allows me to regain better and full access to the systainer port. There was a couple other things I moved as well: the detailing container and old hardware cabinet got moved from under the MFT to against the workbench – it’s hard to explain right now, but it cleared up half the space under the MFT.

Just one other thing for today. My old router cabinet that held my other routers has been vacant since I sold them off earlier this year. Well, would you imagine that once I pulled all the nails off of it that I used to hang things, that it fit pretty well between the cabinets above the workbench? And that it would be a perfect size to store DVDs and magazines? In fact, if it wasn’t for the cutouts I had for the bits on each shelf, you’d swear that I made it for that purpose. What I’m going to do is cut some hardboard up to the proper size to give me full coverage over those slots, and it will store magazines and perhaps some catalogs. I’ll probably eventually use one of the cabinets I build for this and manual storage, but for now it’s a good repurpose and gets it off the floor. I’ll make better use of space as I need to on the wall.

The next step is to adjust the storage on the back wall to adjust for the MFT moving. That means moving some stuff closer to the workbench, and just adjusting some stuff in general. I did automatically gain room for the new clamps to go up on the wall, and to make some storage for the little clamps I need to keep track of as well.

This weekend was a real pleasant surprise. I didn’t get the things done I expected, but it actually turned out better. I’m not sure what this upcoming week holds, be it shop time nor writing agenda. I think it’s prudent to just enjoy the ride and see what comes.

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