Small steps with big gaps

It’s been nearly a week since I last posted, and the activity in the workshop has been just as dull. I didn’t set foot in there from Monday to Thursday at all. With other things going on, I either didn’t have the time or the energy to really do anything.

I did find some time and motivation on Friday to get back out there and make further progress. I left Sunday having completed the major drawer on the right side cabinet. Friday I started on the middle drawer on the left side. I had previously cut the sides to height last week, so it was a matter of sizing the sides up and making a bottom. Since I had limited time, I decided to forgo power and try some hand tool work. I cut the sides to the proper length using the saw I picked up from Lowe’s awhile ago for under $2. This thing cuts fantastic. I messed up the size of the bottom on the first drawer, but I thought it might work for this one. Owing to size of the messed up piece, I sized the drawer to be a ‘fake full extension.’ That means with my 3/4 extension, the sides are longer than the drawer proper.

With the sides cut, I used the same saw to size up the bottom. That went fairly well, although it was hard for me to follow the cut line. The table saw would have been a better choice. I then looked in horror at the cut, realizing that I would have to try to put a rabbet on it with hand tools. And no rabbet plane. I hacked it out using a combination of saws, a plane and a chisel. I won’t be attempting that again without a rabbet plane.

Not being impressed with the fit and finish of the previous drawer construction (not a drawer lock as I stated previously), I went with simple butt construction and did the first side glue up yesterday. I came back today and finished it up. I installed two screws each on either side of the front of the drawer for strength. Otherwise, there are no mechanical fasteners. I installed the drawer late today and had to decide what to put in it, since I had to build the drawer to suit the space versus the storage. Since I had my counters pretty much clear by now, I looked in the upper cabinet for ideas. I decided my drill bit sets and my Kreg box would fit perfectly. Or rather, nothing much else would fit well. I thought about some sanding supplies, and that’s a future consideration. But for now this frees up a good bit of room up top.

I ended today with an idea to save myself some time: reuse one or two of the remaining drawers. It’s too thin to go straight back in, but if I trim about 5/8″ off of the side, it can go in sideways. I started disassembling the drawer to cut to size before I called it a day. I may go out tomorrow if the mosquitos don’t outnumber the air molecules. They were bad today, and I’m going to have to come up with a solution. I obviously can’t go with a candle.

That’s what I’ve got for today. I might have that additional drawer done tomorrow, or it may be a lawn maintenance day. We’ll see.

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