So fresh, so clean

Wednesdays. I typically get a couple of hours to myself a few days a week, and Wednesday afternoons are one such instance. Some weeks I get out into the shop, others I have other responsibilities. This week was a lucky one. I imagined that I would get out to the shop and sit around thinking about my next steps, but the next steps became pretty apparent in short order.

I’ve made some progress finding some homes for things, at least temporarily. Thanks to the ceiling being removed, having the plane till in the corner just might work. I moved a few French cleat sections to between it and the hardware cabinet to store the T-wrenches and the circular saws. The HCM barely fits between the drill press and the wall, but it’s in a spot. The ‘utility screwdriver’ holder is up on the wall in a decent spot, as is the magnetic wrench set that I admittedly never use.

I then cleared and organized my toolbox. One drawer has combination wrenches, another has adjustable wrenches, the third my measuring equipment. On top I have writing utensils plus some odds and ends. I then reconstituted my table saw dust collection, replacing the two pipes connected with table to a single one. Won’t make a whole lot of difference suction-wise, but it will prevent it from flopping about so much. As a bonus, I took all the loose drawers sitting in the left side router table and put them on slides, making room for all the bases underneath the bottom. I just have the other one directly underneath the big router to do, perhaps room enough for a second drawer.

All of this created something bigger than the sum: at the end of the day I had a mostly clear workbench, mostly clear saw, mostly clear router table and a clear floor. This is as neat as my shop has been in quite some time, and quite the confidence booster. I have more things I’d like to improve upon, but this is a great base.

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