Something from nothing – Drill Press table

I made a video the other day about all the scrap plywood around the shop.

Shortly after I was able to cut up and dispose of a good bit, but there is till a ton more. A lot of it is under my MFT, including my old router table top. The idea came to me that I could use this for something I’ve been needing for awhile – a drill press table.

I started by cutting off one of the ends, the fat end opposite the cutout for the plate.

Because my MFT fence got out of alignment, I ended up with a bit smaller surface than I wanted, but I did eventually get it square.

The old top was a layer of 3/4″ MDF and 1/2″ MDF, but they weren’t glued together, just screwed. I put some wood glue between and reattached the four screws near the corners. I marked mounting holes for the drill press table, which was my first mistake – I should have done this last, and will need to redo this part. In the holes, I did a hole for the shaft of the knock-in nut, and a shallow larger hole to seat the rim.

After this it was time to try something new. I don’t believe I had ever used my router on the MFT rail, so I decided to use this capability. I had it flipped over to make sure I wouldn’t hit the screws, and set my stop block and secured the piece so I could rout out the channels for the T-tracks. This is my first time using the new sleeved hose with the router and it worked great.

I was doing very well until I made my second mistake, not securing the piece when I was routing the other side. It shifted slightly and I don’t have a perfect cutout for one of the tracks. Oh well, this was a learning experience.

I then made my best guess at where the insert for the bits should be, with mostly success. Again I used the router on the track and got a decently square cutout, and drilled holes at the corners for removal and replacement. I cut some scrap 1/2″ MDF for replacement inserts, and I have plenty.


This was never meant to be a permanent addition to the shop, and there are some things I would do differently. Mainly with a little bit better measuring and planning of where the insert would go, and planning on mounting it later. I’d make it bigger.

I will probably buy a replacement at some point, but this buys me time before I have to. I could replace my current router table top like I planned to, and try this again. This T-track can easily be reused, and was dead simple to install. The only tough thing, if there is one, is redoing the insert area.

Took a bit longer than I thought too, because I only got an hour over a couple of days. This done, though, I can work on getting even more scrap either a new home or a new purpose.

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