Springtime in the shop

It’s the beginning of December, and it feels like April where the 144 resides. I’m lucky in some respects, because I had two projects that I sorta took on without much notice. I’ll be discussing those as they come closer to completion. One is a gift, the other is a set piece for a play. But the last few days have been all about continuing the transition in the shop.

I discussed before how I decided to be mature and realize that I needed to clean the shop before I built new furniture for it. With the uptick in temperature, I’ve made great strides in my goal of ‘a place for everything.’ Even temporary places.

I moved the wall cabinet from the back wall to the left wall, above where I’m expecting a counter to be installed. In that process, I emptied the cabinet and restocked it. Better this time, I think. Made better use of the space, and I’ll have more room once the planes move elsewhere. This done, the cabinet just below it followed it over there for the time being. The bandsaw and drill press finally had the opportunity to move to their final spots along the back wall. Since these won’t have to move around a lot, it seemed the logical spot for them. I moved the (now) standalone cabinet that holds the socket set, drill bits and the sander between them for lack of a better place. The router table (the temporary home for the miter saw) is now where the bandsaw used to be.

Several small things are either back or are now up on the wall to give them a home, temporary or permanent. The saw blades are now nearest to the saw, the drill bits nearest to the drill press, most of the hand tools on the wall above the cabinet. It’s a pretty good arrangement, one that will only slightly have to be modified once the shelving heads back over to the right corner. I also hopefully fixed a downfall with dust collection: I had a tee behind the saw to capture from above the table, but did neither particularly well. I substituted a Y-connector to see if it’s more efficient.

I’ve put myself in a great position once it comes time to build new furniture. Since most everything is in it’s final place, it should just come down to build, replace, recycle. I have two more wall panels to replace, plus the doors. I think the doors will come before the walls, because of obvious reasons. I already have a good idea of what I’m going to do there, it’s just going to come down to when I can do it and how much it’s going to cost. Heft is definitely going to be a factor, and hinges that will support it aren’t cheap.

It’ll remain to be seen what I get to before the end of the year, and what the goals for next year are. I know I’ll have a few more posts to share before 2013, and the next one will have pictures of the progress.

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