Stand at attention?

I’ve done some preliminary sketching of a new layout, and there’s some surprising developments. After eschewing one of the main benefits of my table saw by keeping it in a horizontal position, one solution could be storing it upright when not needed. It seems like an obvious thing, but I had hoped the saw would provide valuable assembly space. However, it’s mainly become another surface to put stuff on. Stuff that has to be moved when I want to use the saw. What was surprising about this was how much potential space this could free up by moving some other stuff around, and not having to build a single thing.

It doesn’t, however, show much room for the router table I’d still like to have. I have room for either it or the cabinet in which the sander and my sockets are stored. What it would do, however, is solve quite a few problems. The miter saw wouldn’t move, but I also wouldn’t be walking around it too often by shifting the workbench back against the back wall from where it is. I’ll still have access to both sides of the workbench. Everything else basically goes on the other wall.

I have no idea how much space I’ll gain, but it looks really good on the computer, the front of the shop being wide open. Now some of that is because it doesn’t include the small things that I’ll have to find a spot for or eliminate (like the scrap cart).

I may know tomorrow, as this will be fairly easy to check on. Nothing being built, just things moving around.

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