State of the Shop, 2012

Since there’s a bit of downtime right now with work and weather, thought I’d take a look at every aspect of the shop and assess what needs to be improved. This may or may not be a multiple post endeavor.

The shop itself:
The shop needs some TLC. It’s in decent enough shape, but there are several things on the wish list. Getting OSB up on the rest of the walls is the first to-do, as is putting newer doors on. A window would be nice, but it’s a luxury. The floor is in good enough shape, but the ceiling needs to be replaced. Clearing out the stump pile on the side and getting it level would be great. No electricity is coming, but there is a plan in place for lighting.

The big guns:
The table saw now has it’s new guard, and I’ll be ordering the hardware soon to create the miter slots and the aux table. The aux table is probably going to be more like an aux cabinet that secures to the rails and will hold a future sled and various table saw parts and accessories.

The bandsaw is coming along nicely, with the fence almost done. Well, it’s pretty much done as long as it works, haven’t tested it yet. The new power switch works fine, need to order the riser so I can finally get some good blades on it.

The drill press is fine, only thing needed is a table so I can make repeated holes. Storage nearby for bits would help.

The only thing the miter saw needs is some dust collection and a good cleaning. It would be nice to be able to cut a wider board, but such is life.

The jointer just needs some dust collection, and for me to make sure the infeed table isn’t drooping (appears to, but I get nice boards from it).

The planer has benefited nicely from the 2.5″ vacuum hoses, but one day I’d sure like to upgrade to a Dewalt 735. Needs to find a new home if I won’t be using the big separator, possibly low under the left side of the table saw. Need to cut the prefinished ply for a aux table.

No issues with the routers outside what a good cleaning might bring. Need to investigate making the depth adjustment on the table router work smoother, but I have a lead on that and just need to do it and stop procrastinating. Height adjustment is getting to be a huge pain.

All of the Ryobi One+ tools are working great. No problems whatsoever, and the NiCd batteries are still working fine in the fan and radio (two plus years). Just need to get them out of the bin and into their own storage.

As for any tool upgrades I might be looking into, I mentioned the planer on my ultimate wish list. More reasonable are upgrading my B&D jigsaw to possibly a Bosch barrel grip, and upgrading some smaller stuff like chisels. I’ve made pretty good buying decisions, so most of my tools I’m extremely happy with. I’d like to add a couple of sanders to the arsenal, a 1/4″ sheet and a belt. May consider a corded ROS with dust collection should I not figure out how to control the dust from my cordless version.

Storage is always the bane of my existence, so I hope to have some projects coming along over the next 11 months chronicling how I’m addressing them.

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