Stuck in neutral

I attempted to purchase the plywood for the cabinet build yesterday, but I couldn’t get things to come together. I decided I was pressing and should let the experience ‘come to me’ as it were. I’ve found when I try to rush things and not let them play out naturally I get disappointed. Prime example – the drill bit holders I tried to make yesterday. They aren’t a failure, but I would have been happier with them had I taken more time with them and not taken shortcuts. The cabinets will come, in time. This weekend would be a good time to do it, but I’d rather pad the coffers if you catch my drift. Best time again would be in a couple weeks, but perhaps I can work something out a little earlier. The plywood will cost $30 a sheet, and I’ll need three sheets it looks like, plus about $14 for the hardboard that will protect the surface. I’d also like to trim it out, but that may have to wait awhile.

The only thing to do right now is to research more storage options for tools, bits, and other knickknacks. If I find anything interesting, I’ll report.

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