Summer plans

With the sideboard cabinet only needing minor work to be completely done, attention turns to what is on the agenda next.

There’s two projects coming up soon that involve adjustable shelves. I have a bathroom closet that is not that deep or wide. It has only a few shelves on it that are held up by trim. It really doesn’t fit our needs, and I’ll be putting in adjustable shelves. I’ll attach plywood or melamine to the side walls and use the LR32 system to put in the shelf pin holes. I don’t know if I care to put in a rear panel with a middle pin location. I’ll most likely space the holes to allow for the use of a drawer or two, just in case. That’s really the beauty of the system – plan ahead like that, and putting drawers in later is a piece of cake. The depth, number and shape of the shelves is up for debate, which is why I really haven’t gotten into specifics yet.

The other project is storage for our movies or games. Right now, they are stored together in a deep bookcase that requires moving the movies aside for the games, which then end up left out. We have an entry closet that could stand to lose a few inches on one end for adjustable shelves. Again, think I’ll do panels on each end, but these shelves will be so narrow that a middle pin won’t be necessary. If I can come up with some plastic banding, again here we are most likely looking at melamine. Gives it a built-in look. Depth will be just enough to fully house a movie or full-size game case on, and shelves will be as many as I can stuff in there. It would be nice to keep everything in there if possible. Perhaps there can be a set on either side of the closet…

Further down the road are all projects in early phases of design. I need a new dresser, and I think I want to do it in a Craftsman or G&G style. Something tall, made out of cherry. I’ve always wanted to work with cherry, but I’ll keep walnut in mind as well. I need to make probably a few bookcases of differing sizes, for various parts of the house. We have books-a-plenty that need a nicer home.

Something that would be pretty cool is a glass display cabinet. I have several model cars, plus my wife has some collectibles that really haven’t seen the light of day in a decade. Something like the one Guido Henn built for Holzwerken is right up my alley.

Pretty much everything I need for these projects is already on-hand. I’ve been evaluating my wish list for a bit, and while I won’t say I’m done, I’m slowing down. There are things I would really like to have, but nothing I really feel like is a prerequisite to start a project. I need a few different grits of paper for the sanders just to feel comfortable. I need to sharpen or replace the knives in the jointer and planer. I need to further hone the hand tools, and there is an area where I still want to upgrade, but we’ll see. I could certainly use a router plane, for sure.

My layout still needs tweaking, or at least examination, but I’m done trying to over-analyze it. I may investigate making a carbide turning tool or two this summer. The bandsaw needs a resaw blade. I could stand to make a few smaller cabinets to replace the big one in the shop. I’m beginning to seriously doubt the building of a new shop this year, but that’s okay. Perhaps a present to myself next year when I’m done with this phase of school. There’s just too much going on in my life this summer to realistically expect it. Again, that’s okay.

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