Sunday Funday

Today consisted of trying to put a drawer or two in my new cabinets. I hate making drawers.

I did a traditional drawer lock joint all the way around 1/2″ ply on the sides and bottom. It went together fine, but it’s sloppy. I much preferred using the pocket screws, and think I’ll go back to that for the remainder. The extra effort really isn’t worth it without some sort of jig to dial it in accurately. I was only able to get the one deep drawer done, but it does hold a lot.

Tomorrow I would like to get the left side drawer done so I can start thinking about fronts for that side. I have about a half sheet of 1/2″ remaining, which would make several drawers if I used some 1/4″ bottoms. I used the 1/2″ on the deep drawer due to all the weight it’s going to hold.

Shop is slightly less of a mess today. No pictures.

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