Sunday musings

Something is like to look at in the layout of the shop is a place to use multiple tools, a multi tool table if you will. I need a spot where I can set up my Kreg jig, as with the table saw inside the outfeed of stock will hit it where it is. I’d also like to set up a joiner jig with my HF joiner, as the fence is crap. This could also be a place where a bench grinder could go, as well as my WorkSharp.

The problem, as always, is space. I do have a couple of ideas though. One is to take inspiration from my tall sander stand and make a semi-portable stand with removable inserts. I think I will start out with this and see how it works with stability. This is a very low-cost experiment. When I start I will detail the plan.

The other option, and a possible long-term solution, is to make a new bench that extends the width of the back wall, as was the plan early on in the renovation strategy. With current space concerns, this would have to wait until I possibly make a combination table saw stand/router table.
I’ll be playing around with Sketchup some this week and will try to throw some rough drafts of what I’m thinking about.

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