I kinda feel like it’s that kinda exciting in the shop right now. So much anticipation over changes, both tangible and just out of reach. It’s been an incredible couple of weeks it seems like.


Can’t get that voice out of my head, sorry.

What’s so exciting? Well, I know I’ve stated that I’ve felt the transition to a real shop before, but this seems like a second coming in a way.

I went to the Atlanta Woodworking Show on Sunday. The show was okay, even though it was my first time going I felt a bit disappointed leaving. Most of the vendor space was Peachtree (a local company) or about turning. But I met up with someone from the table saw forum and purchased a full set of rails for my saw. In doing this, I can attach them to my existing rails and finally have a wide table saw. It’ll be somewhere on order of about 44 inches or so (I hope) to the right of the blade. I’d like 52, but I don’t believe I have the room for that – the saw would stick too far out into the walkway. I’m still thinking about it though, so no definitive plans as of yet. I spent yesterday afternoon rearranging stuff into the shop to see how it would all work. The additional width of the saw also will give me additional assembly room. I’m planning on cutting the hollow core door I have down to the length of my future bench to have a level surface and protect the bench itself.

While at the show I picked up a J-roller, something I have been wanting for awhile to install laminate. This is one of those ‘have around the shop’ kind of tools. Not needed often, but there’s no real substitute for. The real big deal happened as I was about ready to walk out though. A local (later learned) vendor was selling Powermatic riser blocks for $50, cheaper than I could get any others for, including a Harbor Freight version. After some thinking and researching to see if it would work, I took the chance on it and brought it home. Unfortunately it requires a 15/16″ socket and a big combo wrench, two tools that I don’t currently have. I’m planning to see if I can borrow those possibly tomorrow and see if this thing will work for me. The bolt looks like it’s a direct replacement, the only issue will be if I have to cut a couple of locating pins off. Hesitant to do that, but my research shows it’s a fairly common procedure for the Powermatics themselves. It comes with longer blade guards, the block, the bolt and a new 105″ blade – which just has to be better than the HF one. Even if it isn’t, I can finally start buying good blades now that the riser will be installed. The Powermatic Gold will clash slightly with the Central Machinery green, but function over form, right?

Another big addition came in the form of an Amazon sale yesterday. Ordered four 40″ Jet parallel clamps, and they should be here in about a month, plenty of time to build back up the coffers.

Perhaps some pictures will help, I’ll see what I can do.

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