Got some unexpected shop time today, and that can only mean one thing: something broke.

Such was the case today. One of the mattress supports on a bunk bed broke, and it was in need of immediate replacement. We bought these over a year ago, and they were built by a now-defunct company in North Carolina. It’s entirely made of pine, and the mattress stringers are 3/4″ thick. I made a couple extra ones for the other one, but this time I needed to make these right NOW.

I bought a couple of nice 2x4s at the Depot and cut one of them into two pieces of 38″ long and a waste piece. I set up the bandsaw and the fence to cut it approximately in half and used the waste piece as a test. This was a disaster, and I’ll have to put what went wrong in the next post. But I ended up only cutting one in half and using the halves to replace the broken one and put an extra one in where it was most needed.

Nothing really special about this project, but it was needed and I had everything I needed to get the job done.

Project cost: $5.50, including extra for future stringers

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