Sweating the details

This entry is a bit of a hybrid between what is going on now and what I will need to consider in the future.

This afternoon and evening, I continued to refine the wiring that powers my monitor, TV and etc. I got it pretty well cleaned up, and I’d say I’m about 80% done futzing with it. Just need to look at the power strip cord and something else. It looks a lot neater. I moved the power strip a little away from the door, and switched where things were plugged into it. Doing this, I got the cord that was covering the switch out of the way. I used some cable clips and made things a bit neater.

I also reattached the vacuum switch to the wall and secured that cord as well, at least the part above the door. The TV/monitor location is working well, although I do get a little bit of scrolling on the computer. Most likely due to the lights, but I get a little bit even when they are unplugged. Nothing that is a deal-breaker though. I do love being able to check out the internet easily and quickly, the Chromebox does this pretty well. With the internet being a bit more stable, it is a breeze.

I got a few more things mounted on the doors that are helpful. The push sticks joined the Incra miter gauge, plus I put a couple screws in to hold the Grripper. On the other door, I put in an eye hook to hold one of the LED lights. The other went back on the metal scraping blade above, attached via the magnetic base. It’s positioned in a spot that makes for a perfect emergency light if needed. The fire extinguisher also went back on the wall, which is way more secure than the door. Still would like to find a more secure hook for it. I can get one on Amazon for about $10.

I temporarily put the saw blades back on the wall next to the battery charger in the smaller holder. I will have to figure out a permanent solution, but for now getting them in a safe space was needed. This holds all my dado blades, spacers, and circular saw (non-Festool) blades. Now it also has the other table saw blades. The stock blade for the miter saw is now under the saw.

That’s about it for the progress for Friday night. Getting really close to getting back underway on the LEGO project. In fact, if it hadn’t rained, I might have put the big plywood cutoffs outside and worked on it.

It’s the new workshop that has me thinking about little things like this. When you have a small workshop, there very rarely is such a thing as moving just one thing. To move that, something else must move. I call it the small shop domino effect. To put my TV/monitor above the door, the straight edges I used to use had to find somewhere else to stay – for these, simply putting them on the ceiling rafters worked. But to put right the wiring and the saw blades up on the wall, my red heater is sitting on my workbench.

I was thinking about the new shop while I was rewiring the stuff around the door. If I do that plywood storage project, then the monitors can’t sit above the door. See how that one addition changes things? So much stuff like that comes into play, and keeps me thinking about ideas both for a new shop and this one. And even one I know I couldn’t get into for more than a decade.

Nothing specific on that front for now, just musings. It was a good evening in the shop. But I am embarrassed that just one beer had me deciding not to do anything to dangerous.

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