Swiss Army Table, part five

Even though I had limited time, I think I made the most of it on a fairly comfortable Monday. I got the vertical supports/dividers installed and the two remaining horizontal pieces on – above and below the supports. That carcass got attached to the torsion box with random screws. It’s not perfect, but it’s fine.
Speaking of not perfect, I forgot to take into account the height of the planer into consideration. It barely fits into the space. It fits as is, but there’s going to be no way I will be able to incorporate the base or slides that should have gone underneath it. Those will have to be stored elsewhere and it won’t be as easy to get it up on the stand. Oh well.
Back to the UTS, I raided the planer stand (because I won’t need it anymore) for its casters. They aren’t the heavy duty ones on the router table, but they should do fine. The vertical supports went on without much effort, thanks to going ahead and using the Kreg Jig a few days ago. All I had to do was measure, line it up and clamp down and screw in. Done, in about 30 minutes. Most of that was measuring and making sure everything was square. I was able to wheel it outside, and if I ever get the ground level and have a hard surface, it should come outside just fine. It even cleared the ramp fine. I do notice that it is about an inch too short, so some ply or hardwood spacers between the base and casters should do the trick.
I may try to sneak out tonight and at least set the saw up for the dado cuts I will have to do on the table top boxes, although that may prove difficult. The old router table and old planer table are in the way, as well as the work bench I had to move to put the UTS in its place. Perhaps I’ll prep the area where the table is to go instead.
On a non UTS note, I realized I have a bunch on my plate before the holidays. I figure I have 12 full weekends left before I have to have most of this stuff ready. And since some of the intended recipients read this, I can’t get too specific. All I can say is I need to make 6-8 of one item that I’ve had trouble with, one item I haven’t even found plans I like yet, and another that I haven’t started to look at the wood I want. There’s another project I wanted to have done in about 9 months, but that project might get shelved due to sheer costs.
But, things are coming along. Once the UTS gets completed, I can bust some stuff out fairly quickly. The shop is a mess right now, and the sooner I can get all the dead weight tossed or repurposed, the better. Hopefully by the end of this weekend I can make that happen.

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