Swiss Army Table, part four

I meant to take pictures today, but we had a little ant incident and had to wrap up quickly. I picked up the extra MDF and screws today and was able to replace the temporary fasteners. Got that done, then cannibalized the casters off of my planer cart. Got those attached, with a piece of ply as reinforcement. The torsion box is done, except for closing up the ends. I have those to put on, plus the vertical dividers/supports which have already been cut and have the pocket holes done. Then I need to get the back put on for structural stability before I start putting equipment on it. I also need to make the remaining two surface boxes. If I can get all that done tomorrow, I’ll be doing really well.

Thinking about getting a dust collector and mounting it on the outside of the shed and routing it inside. Was very tempted to pick up the compressor this weekend, but I need to finish this project up first.

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