Taco Time

Welcome to the page for my Tacoma. Creating a new page so it doesn’t clog up so much of the main site posts.

Purchased: 01/04/20 with 6671 miles. 2019 TRD Sport DCSB, 6MT 4×4. Factory equipped with the tow package, and also had paint protection installed.


  • Console tray insert 1/8
  • TRD Pro Grille 1/21
  • Joying 9″ Android 8.1 head unit with wireless CarPlay 1/22
  • Phillips H9 bulbs (in place of stock H11 units) 1/25
  • Metal tailgate letter inserts 1/28
  • OEM power tailgate lock 2/2
  • OEM TRD Pro shift knob 2/5
  • OEM bed mat 2/7

The plan for this truck for the first few years is just to make minor upgrades and use it to ferry kids and materials back and forth. I wasn’t planning on buying such a new vehicle, so the major mods will be on the longer-term side. What I have in mind right now in the future is something like this:

  • 3/2″ lift
  • 17″ OEM/knockoff Pro wheels in some sort of finish other than gloss black
  • More aggressive tread tires
  • Bumpers at some point
  • Maybe do some stuff in line with vehicle camping/exploring
  • Tint front windows to match rear

The only one of those I foresee this year is the tint, which I’ll do closer to summertime.