Warning: actual woodworking content

Jokes. I has them.

(Note: this is a condensed version of a post I was working on before technology got in the way)

Sunday I was able to get out to the shop for a bit and enjoy myself after a full week of no shop time. I told myself I had the materials to start on my ‘special’ project, and I did just that.

The project is a modular tool station. A pair of them, actually. One is the open section where my planer cart is, the other is a depressed permanent shelf on the right side of the cabinet wall. I’ll start by showing what I’ve done for the miter saw module.

First step was to cut plywood into approximately a square that fits in the planer cart gap (it’s narrower than the shelf). I got two out of my scrap piece, so a head start on another one. I then placed it on the shelf and my miter saw on top of the sheet. I marked 4″ from the front and equal on the sides and punched holes to mark the mounting location. Reason for the 4″ from the edge is that I have clearance for the full range of the handle, and if the handle is removed it’s flush with the edge.



Marked with the punch, drilled through, then flipped over and drilled the counterbore for the bolt head. Made the hole large enough to fit a socket if I needed to. Flipped back over and finished drilling with the proper size bit for the bolt. Then the miter saw was lined up and bolted down.




There’s still a bit of work to do, including putting a replaceable surface on both the module and the cabinet, then syncing the miter saw deck to the counter top. I’m thinking washers under the piece of plywood. The modules will be secured by T-nuts and bolts for ease and reliability.

The modularity comes into play when I need to cut long boards near the middle – at the right end position, this isn’t possible. So on those rare occasions where I have to do that, out slides the planer cart and I plunk the miter saw down in the middle. I’ll be able to use the same t-track and stops as on the right side, and it will be a cinch to move since the Hitachi is so light. I’ll have some measure of dust extraction in the right-side dock, with PVC running under the cabinet top where the sawhorses are stored.

Being a modular system, you have to have more than one module. Stowing under the right side dock will be a couple or more other modules. I’m hoping to take advantage of the aforementioned dust extraction with a downdraft sanding box. We’ll have to see how effective it will be but I’ll give it a shot. I’ll also mount my sanding system (tiles, stone or two) to a sheet of ply and that will be easily stowed and deployed. These will be flush with the top of the cabinet and can go in either spot.