Wonderful Weather

I’m not feeling exactly great right now, but the weather is just too nice not to spend at least a little bit outside.

As I wrote about before, I purchased a tape measure for my table saw and here it is ready to go.



Now I’m letting my batteries recharge, both literally and metaphorically. I’ve done a bit more vacuuming and the place is pretty clean.

Happy Monday

It’s a Monday, so it’s back to the computer for me. This also means time to update weekend events in The 144. I posted about upgrading my bandsaw in the shop tour series. I needed to get that project out of the way so I could get down and dirty on my table saw extension. I purchased two 2x4x10′ boards late last week, and spent Thursday and Friday turning them into a mini cart to support the saw extension. I previously placed a scrap piece of MDF to serve as the table, but ultimately wasn’t happy with the look or the function, as it was sagging in the middle inexplicably.

I cut the 2x4s down into the sizes I wanted, and fashioned four of them into the base. I then attached the two swivel 4″ casters I had, and the 2 3″ (not a typo, the bracket is longer) straight casters I purchased on Thursday. Since this wasn’t a glamorous project, I put the entire thing together with pocket screws to decrease time. I cut down a large piece of scrap pre-finished ply into the longest section I could make, and used that as the new extension top. I had to guess at the height of the legs of the cart, and will have to eventually redo them. However, it works for now. I was going to make a floor for the cart, but the vacuum sits so perfectly in it now I probably won’t. The cart is attached to the saw via brackets screwed into the underside of the cart and attaches to the rails at four points.

I’m very happy with it overall, but at some point when there’s nothing better to do and finances are good I may upgrade it or make some adjustments. By that time, though, I may be ready for a hybrid saw. Who knows. The only things that nibble about me about this setup is that one of the brackets rubs on the rip fence, but it still works. The other is a lack of ‘right now’ measurement. I shifted the stock rails to the left, so the measurement on the front of the fence is worthless. I’d really like to remove it and put it my own, but I’d want another one on hand in case I sold it. Unfortunately, it looks like it’s not available for purchase. Shame. We’ll see what I can do, because it really does effect the usefulness of the saw that I loved so much.

Place is a bit of a mess right now, as I have a couple pieces of ply cut for the left side of the cabinet wall, but unfortunately can’t put them in right now due to the fact that the old portion of the right side is wider than the new part. Still haven’t addressed the hardware containers yet either. Unfortunately the solution might have to be it gets rebuilt a 1/4″ wider. So wasteful, so we’ll see. Not high on the priority list.
What is high is the following:

1) get rid of some of my out of control scrap collection, beginning with all the MDF.
2) get the cabinet wall further along
3) work on the rearranging task – more on this coming up
Here are some pics of the saw extension. Not the best pictures, but then again I did say to mind the mess.