Taking Small Steps

If we were to be able to move to a place I love, and it’s a big if, I’m still talking about at least five years from now. Trying to hold onto a string of hope for that long is not going to be conducive to my mental health, and cannot be the only thing that I do. I have to take some intermediate steps to help with my mental health and outlook, as best as I can control them. Regardless of anything, it’s the best thing I can do for myself.

The first thing I can do is continue on the path to less clutter. A clean space is a happy mental space for me, and it certainly is for my wife. I will be trying to cut down on the clutter, which starts by getting rid of the things that are simply waiting to be disposed of. Then, things I need to keep but don’t have a home for, then can be put away. I can’t speak for anyone else, but that cleanliness is key. My desk is straightaway the first place to start, and I made a big step by making better use of the space under the monitor with the new setup. Soon I will move the tower out, and I can do more under the desk. Perhaps I can swap out the legs I will no longer need for some storage and drawers. A new set of drawers would be so key for me. I’ll buy in the meantime until I finalize my new desk, if lumber prices ever come down to normal.

The other thing is I should consider changes of spaces. I want to be more mobile and out in the community in a new place, I should start taking more breaks outside of my house now. I don’t need to make special trips places, but perhaps I can take my computer with me to coffee or whatever. Have a working breakfast out once in awhile, particularly on Mondays where it is all spreadsheet work. On a nice day, go set up at a park. A change of scenery can do wonders, and I’ll start taking this seriously once the kids start going back to school in a month. I have the laptop and portable monitor to do it, why not. As long as I’m not readily displaying sensitive information, I can really work from anywhere. Maybe it’s time I prove that. I saw that Starbucks has a scone, I should give it a try one morning.

I can also be more intentional about things around the house. I could find five things to make a home for, and five things I can get rid of a day. Or something like that. I already do a lot for clothes and dishes each day, but there are still the random piles of stuff places sometimes that will have to be sorted out. Particularly in the bedroom, where at some point we will have to replace the carpet in. A bunch of piles of stuff without a home does not do well for moving furniture out to place new carpet in.

I should take more time for myself each day. Play a game that I’ve been meaning to get to, maybe do some meditation, do some stretching. Being wound up is not going to help my mental health, and it certainly doesn’t help my tension headaches.

Challenging times are approaching. I need to put myself in the best position to succeed. I’m sure I’ll come up with more ideas, and will continue this some other time.

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