Temps rising, progress slowing

It’s a strange feeling. It used to be, I hated the winter because it was so cold that my machines could barely be touched. That has changed a bit with the addition of the heater and adjusting my expectations. Now, natural heat is the enemy. I can warm a small space fairly easily and economically, but trying to cool it is a different story. With a fan, all you really do is move warm air around to make it feel cooler, not the actual process of doing so.

As such, I can see this summer being pretty light on activity. I don’t like heat, and I loathe mosquitoes, both of which are common from about this point on. By the time they wind down, work will be rather hectic due to some major changes in my field. I could realistically see me only accomplishing a handful of tasks all year. I also made a major purchase for my family, so I can’t buy my way to happiness or storage either.

I haven’t stopped looking for every advantage in the shop,. I can’t afford to, so I keep trying to find where I can gain just a bit more room. It’s a big reason why I haven’t built the systainer storage yet. I haven’t built any of my anticipated projects yet, unfortunately. Perhaps in the next few weeks I can at least tackle one.

Things are moving, just very slow.

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