It’s Friday, which usually means another weekend of relaxation is almost upon us.

I did get in just a little bit of shop time yesterday, enough to sweep a little and discover a problem with my jointer. Not so much the jointer as the HTC base. A while back I had swapped the direction on which it traveled, from side to front. With the wider table saw, I can’t negotiate the tight spaces because the turns were now made with the wide side. So off came the base to change it back.

When I did this before, I brought the base inside the house because it was friggin cold and at night. I accidentally lengthened one side, so it wasn’t a perfect fit anymore. Taking the base off the jointer, I realized that the right dimensions were 20 holes square, so that I shouldn’t have had to make any modifications to begin with – just turn it. I simply shortened the two longer sides to where they needed to be and put it back on the jointer.

I share this not because of what I did, but where I did it. With my temporary seat and a clear workbench, this was effortless. The socket drawer worked just like I planned and I had room to take the base apart, even though that turned out to not be necessary. The shop is coming along just as I planned, and it’s wonderful. Even the change of putting the socket drawer over on the left side worked out brilliantly – I can open it up and leave it open and not have it interfere with either the bench or almost any of the cabinet. Awesome. Can’t tell you how thrilled I am something like this is working out.

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