That valuable plastic

Systainers. They may not be the most practical or cheap way to store things, but I find myself liking them more and more. In fact, I am attempting to make room for a few more as my primary tool storage.

I ordered two systainers a few weeks ago, and just ordered one more and an insert. Woodcraft has 25% off Tanos, and while I’d like to go ahead and get one or two more that would really be stretching the budget. I also need to find out where I can put any additional. Until the new purchase arrives it would be very hard to explain what I’m trying to do, so I will post pictures involving the lid swap.

I’m trying to think of what I still need for loose tools. My drills will be covered, as well as my multifunction tool. My sanders are stuffed into one systainer, so I may have to separate. My jigsaws need a home. My nail guns need a home. My bigger, less used tools like the recip and tile saw I’m going to use alternates. The Fezzies of course come in their own boxes. There are some supplies I would like to store as well, like sandpaper and the regular Domino assortment.

The question then becomes how to fit it in the shop. If all goes well, the area below the miter saw becomes empty and not suitable for the systainers. I could redesign the cart or use a fixed stand. I have liked the mobility a cart provides, so I will have to think about it in depth. I haven’t been very happy with the flip cart for the planer/sander, it wastes space while it saves it, but it isn’t the most stable thing and I have to stow parts while a tool is upside down. With how heavy the planer is I don’t want to lift it, but easily could for the sander. I don’t want to lift the miter saw either.

Right now the systainers are under the workbench, but adding more won’t make that an option. What are my options? I could make a bit of single-depth storage next to the bench under/next to the table saw. There now is a couple of bins and scrap ply. I could make room for two to four in a lathe stand that would incorporate lathe tool storage. I could have room for two to four under a redesigned planer cart or miter saw cart.

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