Thawing out

It finally got sane enough temperature-wise for me to assess how well my shop held up. I wasn’t expecting any catastrophes, but it was good to at least make sure. My turner’s finish and eye wash froze solid. The eye wash is just saline, so no worries. I might have to toss the finish, however I was kind of expecting to do that for all of them after winter broke anyway. They’ve been stored out there since I bought each one of them. I’ll have to come up with a portable cabinet for them I can safely store inside the house when the temps start getting low again. Probably mount my battery charger superport to the side so I can just bring one thing in. I don’t know how big that will make the cabinet, though. It will mount on a french cleat, for sure.

I’m still working on my big mental problem, the miter saw station. Still really no closer to coming up with a solution. I have about the width I will need, but nothing else resolved. Probably going to post an update on that tomorrow before I get out to the shop and make some progress on the flip-top cart. Tomorrow should be squaring up all the glue-ups and seeing what everything measures.

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