The alternate plan

The Dewalt was returned. I was refunded, and only had to eat about $20 in shipping fees, all told. A small price to pay to get out of what I considered a mistake. To meet my need of a smaller router that would trim edging, I purchased the OF1010 and a couple of accessories in order to accomplish this.

I got the 1010, the edging plate, the angle arm and chip deflector. This should allow me to take down real wood edging, which will play a large part in getting the bookshelves done in the game room. I decided to go with the 1010 over the 700, partially due to price, partially due to capacity. I simply feel I can do more with the 1010 than I can the 700, and do it for less. It all came today, and I did get a little hands-on experience with it.

I did a quick panel with a edge of poplar. I did learn something with the edge banding bits, that I need to offset the fence a bit on the infeed side. Thankfully, with the Incra fence this is an easy task. I’ll know better for next time, particularly with aligning up the cutter and the outfeed side before I offset. Anyway, not the big point of this post.

Using the accessories that allow for the edge banding I feel give a really solid and usable operation and feel. I get to use the sides of a router bit versus the bottom, which opens up possibilities and different bits. I can fine tune the depth and height to get a perfect flush fit. Unfortunately it took up until right at the end to get it dialed in, and it does seem that I could still easily make an error and screw up the cut. It will take some getting used to, particularly with how it can still tip over. I think perhaps a top-mounted bearing on a bit can help reduce the possibility of cutting into the wood when I’m doing it.

I may do another test panel tomorrow to test out both my enlightenment toward the table, and the lesson learned about depth of cut with the new router.

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