The cabinet

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What to do with this? I made this last year (at least, would have to check exactly when) before I had moved the lower cabinet to this wall, before I had made a master plan. It’s solidly built, if a little inaccurate and hastily assembled. It does an admirable job holding a bunch of stuff I’d otherwise not have a spot for. I have room for it where it is in the master plan, but I’d rather have the ability to make that entire top half of the wall a tool repository. It’s a want, but not a need. I realize that this is a rather big cabinet and it can’t go too many other places, whereas individual tools can fill a lot of smaller holes.

However, this is where the work will be done.

As for alternative locations, there isn’t many. I could turn it 90 degrees and have it above the jointer. I may have to shorten it by a couple inches and make some shelves, but it wouldn’t be too hard of a process. I’d get rid of the frame and do something different. It’s possible it could go on that same wall, either vertically or horizontally, on the other side of the bandsaw. I had planned on having a hand tool cabinet that opening would interfere with that location, but the hand tool cabinet could move more toward the center of the south wall.

The only other spot would be if I swapped the wall rack to the opposite wall, and moved the cabinet and drill press here. This would probably not work as I’d hit my head on it constantly.

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