The Chaos Wall replacement

This can’t really be a version 2.0, because it is changing a little bit. There are now two distinct sections serving two distinct purposes. The project will hopefully start Saturday, but I reserve the right to delay based on outside scheduling conflicts. I am also doing things a bit differently by laying out the plan in detail in this overview, and then sharing how it meets expectations on a daily basis.

Here is the render of it as it stands today.

You can see the systainer storage at the bottom of the wall, which comprises part one of this project. Part two will be the counter surface that makes up the miter saw infeed and outfeed, and part three is the upper storage.

Part one should just be systainer storage, but depending on my needs I may put in a drawer or two. It will be deep enough to store two systainers in series, and be able to open both. I have room to the side of it to store a few different things, including another column of systainers should my collection grow that much.

Part two is probably going to be a laminated countertop that spans the entire wall. That’s the goal, anyway. More surface area is going to be appreciated. Part three is storage for hardware boxes, supplies, sharpening, personal protection equipment, and anything else that will fit. It needs to be a bit wider than the lower portion because my hardware boxes are wider than the systainers. I could do something a bit skinnier if I turn the boxes sideways, which I will consider.

The bottom portion, part one, should be taken care of with a purchase of a single 3/4″ sheet of plywood. After my previous attempt at making this failed the wrong way, this project has a real cost of two sheets. The back will be taken care of with 1/4″ ply which I have on hand. I have shorter drawer slides on hand than I will eventually need, but will be fine as a temporary solution. Once the project looks successful, I’ll order the longer slides and bring the project to completion.

I will cut the sheet of ply into 29″ wide sections on the crosscut, then trim to 43″ long. I’ll get three of those out of the sheet, then use the leftover amount to create stretchers that will span the three vertical sections and tie them together. The middle section will be trimmed for the stretchers to slip fit. I will be putting shelf pins/drawer mounting holes with the LR32 system per usual. I will likely attach the stringers with Dominos on the outer sections and screws for the middle one. The back will be squared and stabilized with the 1/4″ ply, most likely in a rabbet. I do have enough of the 3/4″ scrap in my plans where I could have the back open and stabilized as well. I suppose it depends on if the 1/4″ is taking up too much space and I want to finally use it. I do not plan on covering the ply edges this time. It’s shop furniture, I can handle it. It will get a coat of ARS most likely, but that also depends on space and time.

There is also a space consideration while building this as well. The plan is to get the shop to a clean state (accomplished before I wrote this), build phase one and then install. Install will encompass also moving the air compressor and jointer to near final position in the back corner. Then the systainers will be transfered to the new unit, the old unit will be dealt with, then the jointer and air compressor will then take up residence in the corner.

I don’t think I’ll get to starting the countertop this weekend, although I will see if the double 3/4″ version I have now can be used temporarily. It’s not well supported now, but it could be in the new usage.

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