The cleanup continues

I was able to get in another hour or so in the workshop Saturday before I started feeling ill, and the difference in just these three hours is incredible.

My scrap wall is a bit more organized and pared down, even though I still have too much plywood scrap on there. However 1/2″ ply is a valuable resource, so I’m keeping it for now. Most of the long, thin pieces were put in the bin, which itself got a massive overhaul. From my experience with the picture frames, I got a valuable lesson in stickering, and I did that to a few things that remained on the wall.

What I still have entirely too much of is large pieces of plywood and MDF. I tossed a liberal amount of smaller MDF cutoffs, but I still have large pieces from my UTS build. Those will likely just be tossed at some point, not really having a use for them. For the plywood, I will try to use them in some capacity.

One thing I have in mind for it is to make a new planer cart, or at least components for it (top, bottom, middle shelf). With this, I can finally make the cart usable for my hardware containers the way I envisioned. I also might be able to have room at the very top for a very shallow drawer – something I miss from the previous cabinet iteration. The other thing I might do is enclose my vacuum station, at least partially. That might cut down on some noise, but it might not – the muffler I bought for it didn’t do much, and I still need adequate airflow for the vac as that’s how the motor is cooled. Don’t want to burn it out prematurely. What I also may do is create a little housing for my air compressor for the same reason, with the same caveats.

I ended up taking three full garbage bags of dust, scraps and trash out, so it was a very worthwhile effort.

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