The Desk Overhaul, Part One

In the last post I talked about things that don’t make me happy, and one of those is the current state of my desk. It is functional, but cleanliness does make me happy. The desk is not clean in any form. I also talked about in another post how my thoughts on things have changed, and the desk is no different. I used to want this massive custom desk, but I think now what will suit me best is a sit/stand one.

The big thing I have to do here is clear off a bit of stuff so that the sit/stand function can work. Most of these units can only hold a certain amount of weight, so it is important not to overload it and prematurely wear it out. So that means I should probably move the PS5 and Xbox Series X onto another surface. Moving more electronics off the desk itself will also help with the wiring situation, which in a sit/stand orientation is very important. You really only want one cord going to the floor – a power cord. What complicates that scenario a bit is my current speaker setup, which is a 5.1 Logitech unit. That means a subwoofer, and all the cords for the speakers and power originate from the sub. I may finally have to move on from that speaker solution.

I will keep the two Alex floor drawer units I just bought, although they might get painted. I am going with a black stand, and I will get a walnut top to go along with the retro cabinet. I was thinking about swapping a couple of storage items around, and I’ll be playing around in Sketchup to see if it will work. One factor in that will be available power outlets – the retro cabinet has a lot of electronics in it. I will likely also have to change my chair out at some point to fit under the desk when I am standing, but that can be sorted out later.

So what’s the bare minimum that needs to sit on the desk?

  • the TV/monitor and stand
  • Mac Mini
  • L/R speakers (and center if surround)
  • keyboard/mouse and desk mat

What else is on the desk now?

  • Gaming systems – PS5, XSX, Wii U, Switch, Neo Geo Mini, Shield (underneath)
  • Amazon Show 5
  • Alex drawer add-on
  • LEGO Liberty and Saturn V
  • Other junk

Also, typically I’ll have a laptop charging underneath the Alex unit, plus a couple of charging stands. The first step in this process is finding a home for everything I don’t want on the desk at all. The pen container, the random junk. Then I can work on the things I still want to have at hand, but maybe not on the movable surface.

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