The finish cabinet – day six

Yet another afternoon in the shop!

I decided to practice on the cope and stick joints for the cabinet door today (Thursday the 19th). I do want a sled for future use, but I had a 90° piece of scrap that would serve as a backer and quasi-sled. I ran the end grain first, as is the custom. It took a couple of tries, and I used the actual piece as I left it long for this purpose. I cut off the wrong parts with the miter gauge on the table saw. Once I got the height right, I changed bits and did the side grain cuts.

Well, the theory was nice. I realized after the fact that one of the cutters has the bearing between the profiles, but the other does not. So my piece is pretty much ruined, because instead of riding on the bearing, it was continually cutting further into the piece. I also realized that the pieces weren’t exactly the same thickness. So, I got really good practice, but ultimately I will have to redo the pieces in total. It was good practice, though.

I also discovered the dust collection on the new fence…wait, I haven’t made a thread about the new acquisition yet. To be continued.

I can’t express enough how nice it is to go out to the shop on any given day and do a little bit of work and leave it. Now, this is a small project, so those big projects will still give me trouble. But for now it’s nice.


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