The finish cabinet – day three and four

With Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, that’s four out of five straight days with shop time. That run might equal a month or two over the summer. Tonight was probably a night to skip shop time with the pouring rain, but who cares? The inside is nice and dry, and pretty pleasant. In this season of giving thanks, that’s worth being thankful for.

Back to the cabinet. On Tuesday, I removed the cabinet from the clamps and decided I would work on getting the cherry edges all cleaned up. I started with a cabinet scraper, then quickly decided that was going to take forever. I went with the block plane, which did a really good job. I rounded it out with the sander and scraper and got a very nice finish. Nice straight grains on the cherry as well.

I used the DTS and ETS 150/3 for my sanding task, really just doing a 120 grit before applying Arm-R-Seal. I may go back later and add more coats/sand between coats, particularly when I need to finish the shelves and back. I left the cabinet to dry overnight Tuesday.

Wednesday, I planned on getting all this written, but I went back into the shop and decided I could cut some shelves. I had quite a few pieces of 1/2″ ply left over from the sysport project, and decided they were just the right size for donating to the cabinet. I cut the shelves down to 340x355mm for a perfect fit. I left the shelves a bit short because I am not sure exactly what I’m going to do with them – leave them be, or put an edge on them.


I had to pop over to Home Depot to get more shelf standoffs, and found something neat while I was there – that will be in another post. To finish this one off, I was fairly satisfied with how everything was, so I loaded it up. All my finishes, brushes, glue, glue applicators, the lot. Only things left I’d like to see in there as well would be the rags and the steel wool. The box for the rags isn’t a good fit for the cabinet, but I could perhaps do something with another shape, and it could fit on the bottom with the thin quart canisters. If not, it’s not a huge deal, but I would like a different storage medium for them. Perhaps if I find a plastic bin with the right shape, that would work.

I need to make some new French cleats, as I’ve used all mine. I’ll make one that exactly fits the back of this cabinet, as I want mounting deep into the sides to help distribute the weight. I need to finish the shelves (the most important bits to finish), and probably put another coat of ARS over everything. Then comes the door, which I’ve already cut some 4/4 cherry for, and am just debating the panel. A raised panel would be awesome, but I have nothing on hand to use. Perhaps another trip to the store to see if they have a pre-glued panel, because to be honest another bit of 1/2″ ply as a flat panel would work for me as well. After all, this is supposed to be a scrap project. I also need to source a couple of hinges.

I may or may not be able to work on this project again until perhaps Tuesday of next week or even later, due to the holiday and other commitments. If not, I’ve arrived at a good place on my own time and I’m really happy with how it came out. It may just be a cabinet, but I needed proof I could do something that came out well.

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