The flaw in the plan

Another reminder that just because you think you have something all worked out doesn’t mean it will all work out.

The contention this time is with the front right corner. The plan was to put the cabinet up on the wall, the lathe under it, and the table saw right up against it and the door. The only problem with that is that now the table saw sticks too far out in the walkway, and also the sawhorses on the door don’t allow the door to close all the way.

Ugh, so close.

The potential fixes are plenty, none which I really like all that well. I could decrease the width of the saw by putting in a shorter extension. This means I wouldn’t be able to cut 36″ (or even 30″) wide cuts on the saw, and I would also lose storage underneath for the separator. I already moved it out, but this would be permanent. I could re-orient the lathe to be either on the front wall or parallel to the saw behind it. Getting to the cabinet would be an issue if I did the latter.

Just venting a bit of frustration. I’ll be back out in the shop this afternoon to see what I can come up with.

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