The flip-top cart – part three

Today was a good day for the project. The top came out very well and I removed it from weight and clamps. The rod isn’t very movable, but should be fine to position properly and trim down. I turned my attention to trying to get the project into a 3D state.

I set the router up with a straight mortising bit and set the rip fence up for a few passes at 1/4″ deep for the shelf dados. Since it wouldn’t be a 144 project without some sort of oops, you can see on the final section of the day I wasn’t thinking and went for a middle freehand pass in the wrong direction. At least it is in the interior and won’t be seen. I didn’t foresee just how tiny this drawer section will be, but it will store what I need it to. I may make it open from either side on a sliding dovetail, since I hate not being on the right side to get anything on my current planer cart.

Dados were glued and assembled with a lot of help from clamps. Long screws are going to help keep everything together now and far into the future. The next step is to mark and place the bushings in the sides and apply hardwood trim to the exposed plywood on all surfaces except the bottom. Again, soft maple is the leading contender because I don’t have to spend any money. Doesn’t need to be too thick, 1/4″ or 3/8″ would be fine. I’ve got enough to do that for sure. I suppose casters will help as well, but I’m not putting those on just yet – I need to see what height both tools are to see if I need spacers.

I don’t think I’ll get the tools mounted tomorrow. I think the trim and routing the bushings will take too much time, particularly doing the trim. It’s too bad I didn’t have enough time to get started on it today, but I had other things I had to get done. It was a good day regardless. If tomorrow is the same, it won’t matter – I’ll be closer to my goal no matter what.

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