The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 14-15

(Part 10 of a series)

Decided to combine Friday and I Saturday into one post because there is not too much to explain, but there certainly was a lot of work that went into getting to this point. I may have even ruined a couple sets of clothes with sweat.

I started Friday by taking all the remaining boards and running them through the jointer on edge. All but one, that is. When I picked it up, I could tell how much heavier, and therefore wetter, it was. I’ll leave that one to cook a bit longer, if I need it at all. After getting a decent edge on all of them, I ran them through the table saw. I ended up with 27 boards. At this point, I was just about some for the day. I was soaked. I stacked them on the back bench, oriented them on the narrow face.

On Saturday I attacked these boards by running them through the jointer on all faces to get them as straight as possible. I ended up only doing 10 boards, and I also used the planer to get them to final the final width of 1.25″. I set them back on the back bench in the same orientation, next to the other boards that I haven’t touched yet. Again, I was worn out. I will dimension the rest of the boards probably on Monday. I think I will take Sunday off, unless the weather is nice.

A pic of all the boards lined up and ready to either be glued or still prepped. Half of the top is ready. Half to go.


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