The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 23

(Part 12 of a series)

Short update here, but it is worth sharing. I got to spend a few minutes out in the shop Sunday morning and I have a couple of things to report/contradict what I said earlier. The #2 glue-up I did Saturday turned out rather well, no separation in the lamination and the boards aren’t too curved along the axis. I should be able to get it sorted out. I took it out of clamps and started #3 glue-up, this time with only three boards. That went into the clamps and it’s looking good. At this point, 11 of the 20 required boards are glued up in some form.

Speaking of 20 boards, it turns out I have 19 already processed. So I’ll only need to process one more if they are all acceptably straight, but I have enough material for at least five. So, no new material should need to be purchased unless something goes terribly wrong. I should be able to do glue-ups #4 and #5 over the next two days without much difficulty or exertion. I’ll save the unprocessed material in it’s current state to cut down on doubling work by processing it, then it warping and having to take off more material. Once I get all the boards in various glue-ups, I’ll run them through the jointer to square the bottom, combine them in sections smaller than 13″, and run them through the planer to get the top very close, if not right on. Then it will be a matter of combining the two large sections into one continuous surface.

I’m hoping I can keep the top at 3″ thick. As far as accessories for the bench, I think I’ll be ordering the holdfasts at the end of the month, and I’m unsure about the twin vise. The twin vise is essential to the bench, but I can get by with parallel clamps for any immediate projects like the shop doors. The holdfasts would help as well. While the next few glue-ups are cooking, I will try to square away the shoulders on all the M&T joints on the base and prep it for construction. That involves drilling the dog holes and the dowel holes, something that I will most likely do on the drill press. I’ll also put chamfers or roundovers on the corners for a more finished look.

The next update will detail this last part, but I don’t have a timetable for when it will be posted. I might get lucky and start on it this afternoon.

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