The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 24

(Part 13 of a series)

Latest glue-up of three boards went well, and the next one is cooking overnight. I believe I have two more laminations to make before I can start putting them together. Glue bond is looking good as they come out the clamps, if I don’t have any separation on any of them when it’s time, they’ll be run through the jointer to square a face, then through the planer to flatten the opposite surface. If it goes well, I can start making the bigger laminated sections later this week. By this time next week, I might have myself a top.

The plan for tomorrow is to set up the next glue-up and to see if I can do something about the M&T joints, make them look a bit tighter. If there’s time, the dog holes will also get a look.

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