The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 25

(Part 14 of a series)

My latest glue-up went well, and #5 is currently awaiting my return to remove it from clamps. I have decided that the remaining two boards I have already processed aren’t suitable for the top, so I will take my last remaining intact board and cut it up for the last three pieces. I did not get to the dog holes yesterday, in part because I’m not exactly sure where I should position them. Looking at Chris Schwarz’s book, I can see that the bottom holes are 12″ from the bottom of the legs, and 8″ up from there each for the remaining. That sorted, I’ll attempt to do them today. It will be much easier to do them on the drill press, and I can guarantee they will be straight.

I will probably wait to rip the remaining board down until I get the base just about ready to be glued up. I want to know the exact width I made the legs from front to back, so I can accurately size the top. My back board may need to be slightly thinner or thicker and it’s easier to get it close through the planer than have to use a plane. Of course, if I make it too thin, there’s nothing to put it back. So, prudence takes a front seat to convenience.

I’m debating whether or not to spend the $50 on a dowel plate for the drawbores. That’s a lot of coin to spend on a piece of metal, and I wonder if I can find a piece of scrap metal if I can make my own. Or, just buy some nice oak dowels at the store. We’ll see.

I won’t promise anything for today, as I have some other areas of the shop I’d like to make a little bit of progress in, but I know that the sooner the bench gets done, the better things will be.

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