The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 27

(Part 15 of a series)

The top is nearly complete.

I processed and glued up the last three boards for the top today, and that elicited some scary moments for me. Even after three weeks, this board is still fairly wet and heavy. Being both, it was hard to get through the saw on the first cut. More depressingly, as soon as the first board was ripped off, it started to bend before my eyes! I was heartbroken, but had to continue. I hoped that I could turn it over, then try to take out the curve. All three pieces of that wet board ripped, I ran them through the jointer to some success, then broke out the planer to get them to a consistent 1.25″ depth.

Part of trying to get the thin part jointed properly, I suppose, really put a kink at the end of one board. Instead of being 3.5″ wide there, it tapers down to 3″. No idea what happened here. But I suppose I will have to live with a final thickness for my top of around 3″, or just under it.

It’s in clamps cooking right now, and perhaps tomorrow if I’m lucky (Monday if I’m not), I will start to be able to joint and plane a couple of sections at a time and then combine them in the clamps.

Outside of the top sections, I dragged the legs and stretchers back out and finally did some work on the shoulders. I think I have them tuned up pretty good, and drawboring them should take care of the rest. I’ll have to use a few clamps to see how well it will come together, and how straight, so I need to wait until I have a break in the glue-ups. Perhaps that will be Saturday’s task. I’m not sure my long Jets will be long enough for the long sides, so I may need to figure something out there. I have one long aluminum bar clamp left that will work, but I’d prefer to have everything together at once. May have to spring for another, it’s cheap enough at $14.99 that I won’t mind too bad if that breaks too. I also took the block plane and put the chamfer on the bottoms of the legs, so mark another thing off of the list. Just ran out of time before I could start in on the dog holes. Seems like I’m putting that off, but I’m really not.

Wish I would have had more time to work on it today, but with my other task that I completed on Friday I just couldn’t. It’s getting real close, though.


Projected calendar:

8/18 – dog holes and base mockup (to check shoulders and square)

8/20 – first two sections of top get processed and glued

8/21 – second two sections of top

8/22 – third two sections

8/23 – two of three larger sections glued

8/24 – remaining larger section added to make fully glued top. Final assembly of base with drawbores.

8/25-8/26 – make mortises in slab, install end vise

8/27 – final assembly

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