The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 29

(Part 17 of a series)

Good progress on a Sunday, and it didn’t take much time at all. I was in and out of the shop in less than two hours, and most of that was fudging around.

The first ‘mega’ glue-up went fairly well, and I was ready to make more progress on the top. I decided that it would work out best if I chose a two-halves approach. So I selected another 3-board glue-up to add to the large glue-up of seven boards, and that would complete one half of the top. I ran it through the jointer, but the process was slow. Since I had one board not even with the other, I took the block plane and selectively took some off to speed things up. Once I got a side flat, I ran it through the planer until everything was even on both sides at just under 3″ depth. Then it was over to the clamps where a good coat of Titebond II was slathered on both pieces and it was set into place. I had quite a time lining things up here, but I think I did well. Had a bunch of squeeze out, but I was able to clean it up an hour or so later before it hardened too much. Won’t be a problem at all.

Then I decided to complete the short side leg assemblies – meaning, connecting the front and back legs with the short stretchers. I had connected one leg up, but it was time to mate it so I had two freestanding assemblies. Same process as before, drill, mark, drill, drive the dowel home.

I had my first major screwup of the project so far with the drawbore. I had been marking the extent of the tenon on the legs, then bringing the mark closer to the stretcher so I wouldn’t get too close to the end of the tenon. Well I had done well on three joints, but the fourth I forgot to bring the mark in and I drilled at the spot I had marked for the end of the tenon. Oops. So I re-marked and the joint is fine, but it had two extra holes that didn’t do anything. I filled them with dowel and glue, but unfortunately the mistake is there for all to see. No structural issues, thankfully, just cosmetic. Oh well, if that’s the extent of my errors on this project I will have done very well.

Since I was so industrious this weekend, I think the proposed schedule I did needs to be revised somewhat.

8/20 – fourth and fifth sections of top processed and glued

8/21 – sixth section processed and glued

8/22 – two halves evaluated and glued

8/23 – end vise started, mortises for legs

8/24 – tentative end?

Aiming for a Friday completion, but Monday is probably more realistic.






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