The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 35-36

(Part 19 of a series)

A momentous weekend. After gluing up sections four and five up Friday, section six got added on Saturday to complete the two halves. The day I had been dreading came about on Sunday.

I had wondered how I was going to get the two halves nice and flat. I kept them small enough to be able to run through the planer, but neither side was even enough to run through as they were. Shim and run through the planer? I ultimately decided not to, and made a router sled after noticing the solid core door sitting behind the bandsaw. I took two of the long boards I had left over from the top, and ran them through the jointer to get one edge nice and flat. Then I ripped them down on the table saw to just over 3″ – just tall enough to clear the lamination. I took a spare piece of 3/4″ ply and two shorter pieces of pine and made the router sled. I took the biggest straight bit from my Stone Mountain bit set, hooked it up to the beefy D-handle router and got the bottom of each lamination flat enough to give me a nice parallel face on the opposite side via the planer. I’ll explain this setup in another post at some point.

After taking each section down to 2.75″, I put them in the clamps and glued them up. I will say that I regret not passing them through the jointer one last time to get a good face, as I can see a small gap right in the middle of the top. I may decide tomorrow if it’s a bad lamination to rip them apart and joint them. Luckily, with the top a bit wider than it needs to be I have the room to do this. It will just be a pain. However if the gap is simply cosmetic, I’ll either hide it with sawdust or leave it be.

Tomorrow, if the lamination is fine, I will make the mortises in the top to receive the legs. I picked up some maple 3/8″ dowel from Highland to do the drawbore on these, and I will be using glue here as well, unlike the stretchers. The end vise should be installed on Tuesday and perhaps the dog holes and final completion on Wednesday? The schedule is of course tentative. I might get lucky and knock out two items on one day. A bunch of rain is forecast for this week due to the hurricane, so I’m glad I have all the jointer and planer work done.


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