The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 37

(Part 20 of a series)

Long afternoon in the shop today. I checked on the workbench top assembly, and it seems to be structurally sound and good to go, minus a nibble or two about aesthetics. I removed it from the clamps and turned it flat so I could do final assembly on the base. Nothing out of the ordinary to report there, the base went together pretty much as expected. I hauled the base outside and got to work truing the ends of the top so I could locate the mortises for the legs. Once it was done on both sides (this thing is huge and heavy, and hard to turn around in the shop). I went to town on the mortises with either a drill or my router, depending on which one it was. The router bit didn’t extend down far enough, so there was still significant work to do with the chisels. I officially lost the edge on my large bench chisel, that will take some work getting back. But, I got a bunch of use out of it. Doing the drawbore on the leg tenons didn’t work out like the rest did. I guess my tenons were a touch too long to draw in properly? Any way you look at it, it was disappointing. I don’t think structurally it will be an issue though.

I’m in the middle of cutting down the area for the end vise to be installed. More work with the mortise chisel, I’ll be glad when I can put it away for awhile. Tedious work. The metal part of my vise isn’t very tall, so I don’t think I’ll require the plywood spacer. As a matter of fact, it sits below the surface as-is, and I need to figure out if I need to leave the little piece of the top overhanging the metal. I might make a cover, an idea I just saw.

Completely wore out. Next time out in the shop the vise will be ready to install and I’ll be applying a finish before turning over the bench and having it fully assembled minus the dog holes and the twin screw vise. No funds for the vise right now, perhaps in the fall.


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