The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 4

(Part 4 of a series)

This is going to be a disappointing update, I’m afraid to say. It’s so hot right now I don’t feel like doing anything unless it’s early in the day. Today is no exception. I went out to check up on the leg I glued up Monday. The leg turned out pretty good, albeit the surfaces really didn’t line up as well as I had hoped. I had wanted to clean up the differences by hand, but I didn’t feel proficient enough yet to do this. Plus, my bench wobbles around like a Weeble. Such is the reason why this project is going forward. Due to this, I sorted out the sides of the leg on the jointer and it is looking good, aside from just a small couple of nicks. There’s one knot on the outside that I will try to angle to an inside surface, but otherwise it looks really good.

I did come up with a slight problem that I will have to modify my procedure on the other legs. Trying to cut shoulders for the tenons aren’t going to really work on this bench, so I think I will do the tenons on the table saw for a more accurate cut. Now isn’t the time for experimentation, not with the foundation of my workbench in the balance.

I’m making arrangements so that I can get out to the workshop early on Wednesday and work on the other three legs, perhaps more. I suppose it depends on how long things take. I doubt I will begin on the top Wednesday, but I can get a significant portion of the base ready to be glued up. I think I will approach the legs by gluing up one a day, as I only have so many clamps and so many places to put these to cure, with the latter being more significant. I’ve attached a few photos of the (mostly) completed leg. The only things left to do to it are to get the overall length and tenon length to match the others, put a chamfer on the lower end, and make the mortises for the leg stretchers. I’m hoping I can have enough done by this weekend for a test fit of two legs and a stretcher. We’ll see. If I can prep the rest of the base assembly tomorrow, it will happen.




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