The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 477

(Part 24 of a series)

Sunday saw the rest of the front row of dog holes being completed. There are two that if you were to look down the line, that would be slightly out of line. The bit wandered a bit, apparently. Once it makes a hole that close, it can’t really be fixed without effort. Cosmetic problem only. I wanted to get the back row done as well, but a late start prevented that. I did decide that 12″ on center for the back row would be sufficient. If needed, I can add 6″ on center and it still look normal. 9″ then 4.5″ would look odd.

All I need to do is verify I can get close from the front to back row with the holdfasts. They have about a 6″ range, so 12″ between would work. Even if it’s 15″, it’s fine. They certainly don’t have to overlap, but I think I need support for small, long boards if need be.


So, just the back row of dog holes and adding a face vise…then it’s done. I may add a shelf to the bottom at some point, but spare ply for now does the job fine.

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