The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 483

(Part 25 of a series)

Saturday brought the completion of the dog holes on the bench. I drilled 5 holes the same distance from the back that the front ones are from the front edge. These were 12″ on center. The top of the workbench is complete aside from any potential finish, and the only thing that’s really left is the face vise.

I moved the bench around back where it was a long time ago, back to back with the table saw. From what I’ve been seeing with my Sketchup models for the new storage, that’s the best spot thus far. It does mean that the face vise would go in the traditional location, and I might have to pull the bench away from the wall for any long planing. Not ideal, but not the worst thing in the world.

Where earlier I was going to put some chisel storage under the bench, with the addition of some nice cherry shorts I picked up, I’ll be making a traditional cabinet. I’m hoping once I pare down all of my plywood I can store something else under the bench that otherwise is a space waster.

Until I acquire the face vise, this series is once again on hold.

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