The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 5

(Part 5 of a series)

I’m afraid if you’ve come for pictures today I have to disappoint you. I made such a mess and was so dripping from sweat that I didn’t care to set up any shots, action or otherwise. What I lack in visual excitement I think I make up for in progress, though.

Two of my four short boards were ready for processing, so I took those two boards, plus one of the 6′ boards and went through the same process as before. I jointed an edge on the jointer, then ran it through the table saw to produce three pieces per board. I then ran them back over the jointer to take out any surface curve, then through the planer to a final depth of 1.25″. I also selected 4′ of my 10′ board and did the same thing. I now have enough prepped for the other three legs, plus all the stretchers. I may run into trouble with one leg, with some nasty knots that will be left exposed upon gluing. I’ll go ahead and make it as if I’ll be using it, because I’d rather have it there than on the bench surface. We’ll see with the other boards what I come up with and see if I have enough left over to make another leg. If not, it will go on the back left corner. Or, I may buy another board and do it over.

The boards are laid out on the other boards on their edges so that any curving or warping should be diminished. I’ve taken cuts off all four major sides, so I’m hoping the drying and any shrinking will be uniform. I don’t foresee a problem because of the way I laid it out.

Tomorrow begins the glue-up process for the base components, minus the one leg already together. Then we can start mortising. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most.

Edit: Bonus coverage

Since you’ve been such good boys and girls I went out this evening an attempted a gang glue-up of the rest of the legs. We’ll see how they turn out tomorrow. But if they do, that’s a bunch of time taken off the project. Here’s a pic, just because you behaved.


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