The Holtzapffel Workbench – Day 6

(Part 6 of a series)

I took a very short trip out to the shop today to check on my glue-up process for the legs. Everything went really well, except for an abundance of dried glue I had to clean up. I had the forethought the other day at Home Depot to pick up a paint scraper for getting the glue off. I’m glad I did. The scraper works fairly well, and it’s much cheaper than any options I’ve seen at the woodworking stores. There’s still a bit of glue I can’t get off, owing to the ridges where the boards were glued together but not even.

Fifteen minutes and I could feel the sweat coming on, so I packed it in and I’ll see about running them through the jointer and planer (if needed) Friday morning when it’s a bit cooler. Depending on how long that takes, I may also cut to size and laminate all the stretchers as well. If so, I’ll be ready for mortises either this weekend or Monday. Might do them inside in the air conditioning.

Here’s a pic of the three leg sections along with the (almost) finished fourth leg. I’m not going to worry about redoing the worst leg for now, just let it play out and see what I’m feeling before final assembly.


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