The Home Office Build – Intro

Almost a decade ago, I gained the ability to work from home. It was a slow start, but in 2011 it went 95-99% full time. Since around 2016, it’s been 99% full time if not more. I might have to travel into work once every couple of months for a couple hours. I’m very fortunate, and I’ve resisted moves that would take me out of this opportunity even for more money. I value my time not spent in traffic, and I value the freedom it affords.

At first I was set up in an Ikea Mikael computer desk next to our dining room table. Then we moved this desk to our very large master bedroom (it’s out of proportion to the rest of the house thanks to a remodel about twenty years ago). When I needed two screens, we had to ditch this desk and go to a wider, flatter one. I’m still using this desk today, with modifications, and still in our master bedroom, although in a different spot.

We have a set of Ikea Expedit shelves creating a barrier between the living and working space, another short unit serving as storage for modern consoles attached to my desk (and more desk surface), and yet another short unit serving as our printer stand and storage. There’s also an Ikea bookcase nearby that houses our physical books, magazines, and some of my work-related tomes. So, yeah, Ikea is a popular destination for us. And it makes sense sometimes, when you consider how expensive a sheet of ply is compared to a bookcase in a box – the complete unit is cheaper.

What I don’t have right now, and won’t for quite some time, is a separate office space. We have considered moving, but it isn’t a good fit for us at this time with repairs we need to put into the house. I don’t think constructing another building is wise either, considering the expensive technology that would need to go into another unconditioned space. We have no better places for me to work from, so we make do. One day we will either move, or the kids will move out (or both), so it is something to look forward to. By then I may have to go back into work regularly, too.

What I can do though is make this space a bit more conducive to my everyday needs, and do it in a way that gets rid of the sea of plastic-ish white surfaces. It’s not a bad look pared with a dark grey wall paint, but I’m a woodworker. I could do better if I wanted to. So I am.

So next up I’ll get into what the goals are, what my requirements are, and what the design process is. Then we’ll get into the projects themselves. Should be fun.

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